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A: No, Interthinx Corporation has created a standard application acceptable to all participating lenders. You simply complete the application in this folder and return it along with the documentation outlined in the checklist and payment.

A: The Interthinx TPO Certification Program was designed for Mortgage Loan Brokers and Loan Correspondents. Either type of Origination Company will save time, money and expand the number of wholesale lenders available to submit loans.

A: Once you have completed the application and returned it with all documentation, Interthinx will process the application and scan all the documents. A scanned package will be created and posted to our Internet web site. When you request approval from the lender, simply tell the lender your Interthinx Certification Number and PIN code and the lender will have access to the Interthinx secured web site to review or download the scanned documents for approval. You, the broker, control who gains access to your broker package.

A: No, Interthinx has invested in the latest server technology with four security levels to protect your information. In addition, all servers are located within Interthinx offices behind secure doors with a security system. For added protection, only lenders who you have given your Certification Number and PIN code have access to the web site.

A: No, One of the major advantages to the Interthinx TPO Certification Program is the elimination of multiple credit reports. Interthinx will run one credit report when your application is received. One additional credit report will be ordered each quarter. The credit reports will be available to all participating lenders who you have become approved.